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Whether you are considering to join RevoU, or you are already one of our Full-Stack Digital Marketing students, it's good to know further about our instructors! As you've heard, our instructors are...

RevoU Staff Ivy Vilory
RevoU Staff / Ivy Vilory

Whether you are considering to join RevoU, or you are already one of our Full-Stack Digital Marketing students, it's good to know further about our instructors!

As you've heard, our instructors are industry practitioners working in top tech companies. Their hands-on experience working in digital marketing has given them many valuable lessons that they would like to share to RevoU's students.

If you are curious about their background, you can read more below!

#1 Performance Measurement & Budget Allocation

Ferdi Anggriawan - Head of Digital Marketing, Growth & Intelligence at Gojek

Ferdi is the Head of Digital Marketing, Growth & Intelligence at Gojek; Indonesia’s leading on-demand multi-service tech platform mainly known for transport, payment, and food delivery service. He is in charge of spreading the online acquisition & retention strategy for all Gojek B2B/merchant-facing products. Click here to read more.

Jenzo Andika — Senior Digital Marketing Lead at Brodo

Jenzo is the Senior Digital Marketing Lead at Brodo; a local brand producing stylish, high-quality, affordable shoes since 2010. Jenzo himself has started his career in the company since 6 years ago as a customer representative. Now he is responsible for creating marketing campaigns (email, paid, organic, website) with several automation and handling reporting from several different platforms. Click here to read more.

Nigel Ong — Senior Media Analyst at VaynerMedia

Nigel is Senior Media Analyst at VaynerMedia, an international agency owned by the entrepreneur and internet personality-- Gary Vee. His role in the company mainly focuses on client-facing role, where he interacts with internal and external stakeholders from pre to post campaign, including but not limited to paid ads and programmatic in the APAC & CN region. Click here to read more.

#2 Google Analytics

Ardi Kemara Pradipta — Head of Growth and Partnership for Kuncie Project at Telkomsel

Ardi is the Head of Growth and Partnership for the Kuncie Project at Telkomsel, a digital platform for learning how to build a business. He has more than 10 years of track record in marketing analysis, digital marketing strategy, and online brand development. He specializes in inbound marketing, driving traffic, and boosting audience engagement with dynamic campaigns. Click here to read more.

Sotirios Seridis — Lead Digital Marketing Instructor at General Assembly

Sotirios is the Lead Digital Marketing Instructor for General Assembly Singapore and also the Founder of XYZ Lab where he trains corporate and agency teams on Performance Marketing, Analytics and Marketing Automation, while at the same time working with local and regional start-ups across all core digital specialties (PPC, SEO, Digital Analytics and E-Mail Marketing). Click here to read more.

#3 Facebook Ads

Frastika Geovani — Digital Marketing Lead at Ruangguru

Frastika, or better known as Tika, has helped over 300 students to learn Facebook Ads on various platforms including her very own @thingsilearntoday. When not teaching, she leads the digital marketing team of Ruangguru Group which also includes Brain Academy, Skill Academy, English Academy and RuangKerja. Click here to read more.

Rahayu Anggraini — Digital Marketing at an E-commerce company

Rahayu currently works as Digital Marketing at one of the biggest ecommerce company. She was one of the people who set the company’s Facebook Pixel in the first place. Now, she is responsible for optimizing Display Ads (Google Ads & Facebook Ads) to increase traffic, conversion & revenue. Click here to read more.

Teo Hogy Wijaya — Growth Manager at RevoU

Teo is the Growth Manager at RevoU. If you found RevoU from Facebook Ads, most likely it’s thanks to Teo and his team. Teo was actually a student at the 1st batch of RevoU. His excellent work earned him a spot as one of the very first members of the RevoU team. Click here to read more.

#4 Google Ads

Syifa Nurul Faidah - Digital Group Head at Mindshare

Syifa has more than 8 years of experience working in 2 international agencies. First is her current company, Mindshare– a global media agency where she now works as Digital Group Head for Indonesia. Second, is iProspect Indonesia-- another international digital-first end to end media agency.  Click here to read more.

Hangga Nuarta - Customer Success Manager at AppsFlyer

Hangga's career in digital marketing began in 2016. Previously, he worked at the e-commerce marketplace Bukalapak, specializing on paid search (Google Ads). Now, he is the Customer Success Manager at AppsFlyer-- a company based in USA that provides attribution analytics tools. Click here to read more.

#5 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Gibran Risnutama -Senior SEO Specialist at Kanmo Group

Gibran has been in the SEO industry for 6 years. Previously, he worked at Fabelio, an e-commerce company focused on marketing furniture. As the SEO Specialist, he and his team managed to increase the site’s session by 83.08% (between 2020 vs 2019). Just recently, he moved to Kanmo Group where he works as the Senior SEO Specialist. Click here to read more.

Rizki Raharjo - Digital Marketing Lead at Pintek

Rizki is a multifaceted tech savvy with more than 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Currently, he is the Digital Marketing Lead at Pintek, a fintech where he led the team to build their blog from the ground up and generating 660.000 Monthly Active Users within 6 months. Click here to read more.

Joe Handaya - Group Web & SEO Manager at Ruangguru

Since 2015, Joe has worked in 6 companies and managed to elevate their SEO game: UpToPromo, Konsula, HIJUP,, Bramble Furniture, and currently Ruangguru. Not to mention, many other companies which he nurtured as a freelance Tech SEO Consultant and the talents he has enlightened on public lectures (visit Joe’s LinkedIn to see the list). Click here to read more.

#6 Content Marketing

Andrew Prasatya —  Head of Content Marketing at Revou

Andrew is our very own Head of Content Marketing at RevoU. If you love our content on social media, blog, and even find our data-driven study insightful; it's all thanks to Andrew and the team he led. Prior to this, he was the Head of Content Marketing at iPrice where he's in charge of leading the content team across 7 different countries where iPrice operates. Click here to read more.

Dea Vivin Devita— Senior Content Marketing Executive at iPrice

Dea is currently the Senior Content Marketing Executive at iPrice Group, a Malaysian based E-commerce aggregator platform. She is responsible for the Indonesian market. Some of her most unique works includes: Produk Skincare yang paling banyak ditonton di TikTok, Kapan harga PS5 turun, and others. Click here to read more.

Nana Sagala— Marketing Communications Manager at

Nana has more than 6 years of experience in PR & Digital Marketing in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the USA. She has worked in agencies, corporations, and now startups. Currently, she is the Marketing Communications Manager at, the first Indonesian clear aligner provider. Click here to read more.

#7 Social Media Organics

Aldio Judisya - Social Media Manager at Gojek Merchant Marketing

Aldio, has been hustling around the social media world since 2013. Currently, he is the Social Media Manager at Gojek (Merchant Marketing)– leading a team who handles almost 30 brand channels. Previously, he worked at Moka, the SaaS startup & Brilio, the online media. Click here to read more.

Adinda Pawitra —  CEO at Vluid Digital

Adinda has been in the Digital Media Industry for almost 10 years! She began her career at Isobar, a renowned global media agency from London before eventually start her own agency named Vluid Digital in 2017. Her clients includes big brand such as Wardah, Emina, Kertase, and many other. Click here to read more.

#8 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Syarifah Suci Armilia —  Campaign Lead at HappyFresh

Syarifah was actually a student at RevoU Full Stack Digital Marketing program of the 1st batch. Now we are proud to have her (also) in our instructor gallery. Currently, she is the Campaign Lead at HappyFresh. Some of her work are: 2020 #BikinMertuaHappy campaign & 2021 : Ramadan #TanpaAlasan campaign. Click here to read more.

Billy Leander — CRM Specialist at Mamikos

Billy is currently the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Specialist at – the no.1 "kost" app in Indonesia. His daily task includes ensuring a personalized customer's In-App journey and the platform automations. Click here to read more.

Steven Angkasaputera - CRM Manager at an OTT Streaming Platform

Steven is currently a CRM Manager in one of fast-growing OTT streaming platforms in Indonesia. His remits include an end-to-end customer’s lifecycle journey, engagement, and retention strategy. Prior to that, Steven worked at JD.ID as the Head of CRM & Loyalty. Click here to read more.

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