Sotirios Seridis— RevoU Instructor | Lead Digital Marketing Instructor at General Assembly

Sotirios is also the Founder of XYZ Lab where he trains corporate and agency teams on Performance Marketing, Analytics and Marketing Automation, while at the same time working with local and regional start-ups across all core digital specialties (PPC, SEO, Digital Analytics and E-Mail Marketing).

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Sotirios Profile

Sotirios is the Lead Digital Marketing Instructor for General Assembly Singapore, the leading worldwide bootcamp for coding, data, design & digital marketing.

Beyond its role at General Assembly, Sotirios is also the Founder of XYZ Lab where he trains corporate and agency teams on Performance Marketing, Analytics and Marketing Automation, while at the same time working with local and regional start-ups across all core digital specialties (PPC, SEO, Digital Analytics and E-Mail Marketing).

Before that he worked for three of the world’s leading media agencies: HAVAS, MediaCom and PHD and a number of successful startups in major hubs such as London, Dubai and Singapore.

Originally from Greece, Sotirios has been living in Singapore for the past 3 years.

At RevoU, Sotirios will be teaching our Google Ads (SEM + Display) and Analytics modules.

When it comes to combining deep industry know-how with proven teaching experience, you truly can’t get any better than Sotirios.

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Student Testimonials on Sotirios

"The instructor was very enthusiastic in answering questions and was very clear. A lot of my doubts were answered through his teachings. So many new interesting information!"

"Thank you for your analogies! As many of us don't come from a tech background, the way you explained things via analogies really helped us to visualize things better :)"

"As a newbie I got a lot insight and the lecturer is so expert~"

"Though there's a lot to take in but Sotirios did amazing. He explained everything so clearly and kept me excited during the whole lecture."

Questions & Answers

#1 You have been teaching Digital Marketing in intense 10-weeks programs (similar to RevoU) for over two years. What did you change the most in your approach to teaching from when you first started?

I quickly realized that hands-on interaction with the software and tools that a digital marketer will be working on a day-to-day basis is far more valuable than theory and powerpoint slides. Digital marketing is evolving very fast and we all have to be on our toes, getting familiar with all new developments on an on-going basis.

#2 What do you like the most about teaching in general and Digital Marketing in specific?

I really enjoy interacting with students and being exposed to different points of view. An instructor should be able to teach but also to challenge his viewpoints and always keep an open mind and learn from different approaches.

Digital marketing in particular is something I really love! It is the kind of role that never gets dull, there’s always a new project, a new channel and a new tactic to explore.

Being able to see how people interact with online platforms is also I’ve been working in the industry for over 10 years and I can’t imagine myself having a different job.

#3 What are some of your students achievements you are the most proud of?

I am very proud to see people who started from a completely non-digital or non-marketing background working in companies such as Publicis, Dentsu Aegis, Moneysmart, PHD Media and other industry leaders.

It is a true testimony that if you work hard and invest in educating yourself all your dreams can come true.

#4 If you had to give just one piece of advice to a student who is considering participating in an intensive Digital Marketing program such as RevoU?

Even if you don’t come from a digital or marketing background switching to digital marketing can totally change your professional life! It’ll be a lot of hard work, don’t give up even if you feel overwhelmed, be curious and enjoy the journey!

#5 What are the recurring myths and misconceptions about digital marketing from both employers looking to hire digital marketers and people who are considering pursuing a career in this space?

Contrary to popular belief, digital marketing is not a soft skill.

A great digital marketer should nurture an analytical mindset, tech-savviness, solid organizational skills and critical thinking.

It is much more than simply posting on social or coming up with a promotion. It requires a combination of numerical, technical and communication skills and the ability to connect the dots into a cohesive marketing plan.

Companies are in real need of well-trained digital marketing talent who can understand the big picture.

My all time favourite website is PPC Hero, it is an amazing source of information for hand-ons digital marketers. Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and Think with Google are also very handy information sources to keep in touch with the latest trends and developments.

#7 What distinguishes a good online marketer from a great one?

Curiosity! A great marketer is always observant and asks questions. We live in an era where marketing and advertising are part of our daily lives. Whether we are on our mobile, taking a bus ride or surfing the web, we are always interacting with brand communications and advertising.

A great marketer is always on the lookout for ideas and tries to evaluate what works best for the customer.

#8 Things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career ?

The importance of competitive research, market analysis and especially the value that analytics can bring into shaping a digital strategy. It is extraordinary how a few simple metrics can tell you so much about your business, your website and the customer journey.

#9 Marketing channel you like the most and why?

I am a big believer in intent-driven channels, thus I am a huge advocate of Search Engine Marketing.

With over 5.6 BILLION search queries happening on Google every single day, paid search and search engine optimisation are a must-know for any business, big or small, in today’s competitive landscape.

Moreover, I have started my career as a paid search specialist, hence I am also emotionally attached to Google Ads and I have experienced first-hand the power of a great paid search campaign numerous times.

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