Ferdi Anggriawan — RevoU Instructor | Head of Digital Marketing, Growth & Intelligence at Gojek

Ferdi is the Head of Digital Marketing, Growth & Intelligence at Gojek. He is in charge of spreading the online acquisition and retention strategy for all Gojek B2B/merchant-facing products.

Ivy Vilory
Ivy Vilory

Ferdi's Profile

Ferdi is the Head of Digital Marketing, Growth & Intelligence at Gojek; Indonesia’s leading on-demand multi-service tech platform mainly known for transport, payment, and food delivery service. He is in charge of spreading the online acquisition & retention strategy for all Gojek B2B/merchant-facing products.

Prior to that, he was the Head of Digital Marketing at Moka POS (2018-2020), Assistant Digital Marketing Manager at Grab (2017-1018), and was part of the international advertising agency Group M (2014-2016).

With 7 years of proven experience working in the digital marketing department for several top startups in Indonesia, Ferdi has a lot of knowledge to share.

He will be one of the instructors at Revou Digital Marketing program, specializing in performance measurement & budget allocation and Facebook Ads.

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Student Testimonials on Ferdi

"Thank you, Mas Ferdi. Pembawaannya selalu serius tapi tetap cheerful"

"I always believe that even how lost I am with the subject, if I involve myself more in the lecture, I'll at least get something, and you make that super easy for me to engage and collaborate with it. Great work and keep it up! :)"

"Mungkin termasuk yang ngomongnya cepet but very engaging jadinya bisa tetep fokus walaupun materinya padet hehe thankyou Mas Ferdi!"

Questions & Answers

#1 Can you explain to us what your typical day looks like at Gojek?

Around 70% of my time would consist of meetings--both synchronous and asynchronous. Then in-between meetings, I frequently check my team’s performance and ensure that we are having a productive-yet-enjoyable day.

It's tiring, but when you realize that you are impacting a lot of lives, it's worth it.

#2 Biggest myths and misconceptions about Digital Marketing?

The fancier your targeting = better campaign performance.

At some point, once you start A/B testing it, you will realize that the best campaigns are not the ones that incorporate loads of tech, but the ones that touch the audience in the most effective way.

I actually spoke about this in my last workshop, and trust me, in practice, digital marketing is an ever-evolving field of knowledge that rewards the most explorative ones in the end.

#3 Why is measuring performance so important in Digital Marketing?

Because you want to maximize every step of your customer journey that no offline media can.

Imagine how hard it is to justify your marketing spend before this introduction of advanced analytics in digital marketing. Imagine how much opportunity that you can get by tapping each step of your customer journey.

For example, do you realize that once you became a loyal customer of a certain online marketplace, you will start to see less product-centric ads from them? Because why bother showing people some ads if they will still end up converting anyway.

#4 Your proudest professional achievement at Gojek?

90% of my success came from my team’s unyielding spirit and innovation.

But there’s this personal satisfaction that I had from helping others in the company. Amongst these was paving a runway for our product cross-sell & upsell across multiple verticals within Gojek’s B2B ecosystem.

#5 What drives you to work in your current industry?

Because it brought me the opportunity to empower one of the strongest poverty-eradicating economic units--small and medium enterprises.

I can see how much the industry grew and believe me--the more our personal choices and demand for lifestyle changes proliferated, the more of these so-called SMEs will grow all across the world.

#6 Things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career?

The importance of having a mentor. Man, I wish I had a career coach like the ones in RevoU Next!

Install your VPN and visit reddit / ppc. That thing is full of raw & juicy insights from both book & street smart digital marketing practitioners.

Oh, and follow Tim Soulo in Medium. He’s the cofounder of Ahrefs and he has a strong flair for words & quirky marketing tricks.

Aside from those two, Hubspot blog also helps a lot.

#8 Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Digital Marketing (aside from applying to RevoU :)?

Hands-on practice is always the important element of a digital marketeer.

But on top of that, is the willingness to learn from all the best & worst case scenarios that you faced during your time running the campaign.

#9 The fundamental skills a digital marketer expected to have?

I think there’s a lot of this kind of discussion on the internet already. But for me, it’s to understand the relevance between multiple datasets & related growth metrics.

The more you have command on data & analytics, the higher your chance to score higher performance.

There’s a caveat to this though, that eventually you need to identify the most relevant metrics & those who belong in the vanity ones.

#10 What distinguishes a good Digital Marketer from a great one?

So I had this chance to speak in an European event along with two people from different industry in digital marketing field.

One of the greatest insights that I got is that no matter where you are in the globe, there would always be an agency or so-called online marketing expert that told you they will guarantee your return on advertising spend by xx fold.


A good digital marketer should not over promise on ROI, but rather optimize their campaign along the way while giving a clear estimate or range on what would be the ideal performance standard for a particular type of campaign & industry.

Next time you see a workshop with I earn this xx IDR from yy IDR ad investment within just a few days, be extremely careful on not buying their marketing promise.

Go for something credible, yet highly responsible entity that can responsibly meet your marketing demand.

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