Jenzo Andika — RevoU Instructor | Senior Digital Marketing Lead at Brodo

Jenzo is the Senior Digital Marketing Lead at Brodo; a local brand producing stylish, high-quality, affordable shoes since 2010. Jenzo himself has started his career in the company since 6 years ago as a customer representative.

RevoU Staff
RevoU Staff

Jenzo is the Senior Digital Marketing Lead at Brodo; a local brand producing stylish, high-quality, affordable shoes since 2010. Jenzo himself has started his career in the company since 6 years ago as a customer representative. Now he is responsible for creating marketing campaigns (email, paid, organic, website) with several automation and handling reporting from several different platforms.

Currently, he is also the Head of Digital Marketing & Growth at PT. Boleh Dicoba Digital, a digital marketing agency which clients include AXA, Muri, Bodypack and Exsport. Here, he led the digital marketing team, while also developing and managing campaigns from clients with different objectives and goals.

He will be one of the instructors at Revou Digital Marketing program, specializing in performance measurement and budget allocation.

Student Testimonials on Jenzo

"Kak Jenzo could explain the material clearly & he has been very helpful to answer our questions"

"Penjelasan dari Kak Jenzo yang mudah dipahami. Ada improve juga, dari sesi 1 pertama yang penjelasannya agak "terlalu cepat", tapi waktu sesi praktek langsung dan sesi berikutnya ada perubahan buat sesuaiin temponya. Keren!
Yang aku perhatiin kalau ada temen yang jelasin dan jawabannya kurang tepat, kasih hint juga buat pandu ke jawaban yang benar. Bikin ga takut salah buat menjawab juga. Thanks, kak Jenzo!"

"Kak Jenzo paling asik pas sesi QnA dan bahas soal krn keliatan bgt pengalaman di bidang ini banyak. Tapi memang saya paling mudah cerna ilmu baru lewat QnA atau soal dibanding diterangin teori aja. Thanks Kak Jenzo."

Questions & Answers

#1 Can you explain to us what your typical day looks like at Brodo?

Besides doing my specific job in digital marketing stuffs, day by day in Brodo is really adventurous. Every new day is every new goals, but I come across achieve that goals with bunch of great people.

I can explore many things apart from my main role, such as operations, content creation, supports, development, public relations, techs, even in financial things.

This exploration process is a huge component that really important to knowing your company and business as whole, made you “owned” the company, not only as a regular worker. So in short, working in Brodo is a venturesome journey!

#2 Biggest myths and misconceptions about Digital Marketing?

A bunch of people said to me that:

  1. Digital Marketing is about posting content on social media, or skilled in digital ads.
  2. Digital Marketing is a silver bullet, instant increase in sales

This is certainly true, but the meaning is not that short.

Many people locked their digital marketing definition towards social media things, but if you explore more we know that all of the efforts in online marketing are part of digital marketing.

And also about the silver bullets, many people set too low about the marketing funnel, like skipped awareness moment instead to get a huge expectation of revenue.

As a marketer, we must combine the tools and funnel planning to get the right and good result.

#3 Why is measuring performance so important in Digital Marketing?

One of the biggest advantages of Digital Marketing compared to conventional marketing is data.

We can know how many people see our products, put them in carts, leave our website, how long they see our web, looking at our content, and sort of other things.

Every specific action, every audience behavior, we can capture through digital marketing.

These features allow us to construct a precise actionable plan regarding objectives and acquire great business results. So if we don't measure performance in digital marketing, we really lost a big opportunity to grow.

#4 Your proudest professional achievement at Brodo?

I start as a frontline in Brodo, become the first customer support team back in 2014 when I still in college. I don’t know why but this busyness makes me happy, makes me hustle more to dive into this startup ecosystem, and long story short I become VP of Digital Marketing, works directly under the CEO.

Another fun story, one time my COO gives me a challenge to maximize revenue in peak season, I still remember it’s at end of the year and the target is 3-5x from regular season. Honestly, at that time I don’t have any good knowledge and experience in selling with a huge amount of target.

Nervous? Of course! But still, I have to go through this well.

First thing first I talk to a lot of people in the company, sharing target, KPI, construct media plan, strategic campaign, and timeline.

The result? I forgot about the amount, but after we passed the peak season, we don’t have any proper stock to sell in the following months. I was really proud after successfully blow out sales in the peak season, we managed to exceed our sales target! But show must go on, keep going to pursue another target in another month!

#5 What drives you to work in your current industry?

Marketing 4.0 concept is one of my reason to focus on this industry.

I think I’m in a transitional period in an era of people who love shopping offline and people who love shopping offline, in this situation I think digital marketing is a really sexy sector that needs to be studied immensely.

#6 Things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career?

All stuff that intersects with analyzing and data visualization.

Data and analytical thinking really matter in digital marketing. The output is amazingly strong when you obtained the concepts really well. The sooner it is learned, the better it is to get great impacts

My typical read dominantly from a practitioner or real business story, we can know their up and downs then try to fit or implement them to our business.

Here’s I share several of my favorite references: Hootsuite blog, Shopify blog, AdsEspresso blog, Andrew Chen, Neil Patel.

#8 Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Digital Marketing (aside from applying to RevoU :)?

Always eager to learn, update to every tech and internet news, and be an adaptive person.

Digital things are so huge and dynamic, new transformation in digital come off really quick, maybe in every year, every month or even every week you can get new updates in digital marketing kinds of stuff.

I guarantee dipping into this sector is exciting and enjoyable, it is never too late, better get started now!

#9 The fundamental skills a digital marketer expected to have?

Understanding customer experience.

I often analogize digital marketing as a love journey. You can’t propose to your future partner when he/she doesn't want to go out with you, date you, or even get acquainted with you.

It’s similar to customer experience, we must know what is your customer persona, what is your potential customer seeing your business, what is your customer behavior and most importantly what they think of you and what you want them to be.

This simple fundamental knowledge leads to several strategies including a digital marketing funnel, objectives, and also a measurement that really impactful to your business.

#10 What distinguishes a good Digital Marketer from a great one?

Able to adapt and provide solutions.

Many people are competing to make innovations, and incidentally always in tech / internet sector. It's as if it happened just yesterday that we saw people can pay a groceries in the market using their phone, but nowadays it has become commonplace.

Instagram Shopping in 2019 is an exclusive feature in Indonesia, but now just a simple feature that everybody can have. TikTok several years ago just an ordinary entertainment social media, but now become a changemaker marketing media.

It has been proven that now internet things are easily available, accessible, and facilitate human life. The job of a great digital marketer is to mix and match all available pieces into a great puzzle of picture.

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