A Physiologist Turned Digital Marketer Working Remotely in a Singaporean Based Startup

Fiva Ersy’s digital marketing journey can be traced back to her college years when she launched a small business using Facebook Ads. By joining RevoU, she mastered the the technical skills of Facebook Ads Manager and during her time with RevoU Labs after...

Ivy Vilory
Ivy Vilory

Fiva Ersy’s digital marketing journey can be traced back to her college years when she launched a small business using Facebook Ads. By joining RevoU, she mastered the technical skills of Facebook Ads Manager and during her time with RevoU Labs after, she got to experiment with Facebook Ads Creatives in the South-East Asia market. Currently, she is working on a combination of Facebook Ads and Amazon E-Commerce aiming for the global market.

Talking about a complete diversion, Fiva Ersy (Eci) actually earned her bachelor degree in Physiology, the science of human anatomy at Monash University Australia. It was during her elective course in Business Management that she had a brush with Digital Marketing and was immediately sold on the subject. To earn some extra cash during college, she ran a small business selling hoverboards through a killer combination of Shopify and Facebook Ads. Delightfully surprised, the number of orders she received was astounding. This was the moment where Eci realized the power of Digital Marketing.

She returned home to Surabaya - Indonesia upon graduation and immediately continued practising her entrepreneurial skills. Eci tried a number of businesses from selling popular trendy drinks to slot-renting a futsal field with her co-founder. The partnership did not last due to an internal conflict so she decided to shut down her businesses and worked instead as an Export Marketing Manager in a canned fish factory. She was responsible for managing the company's marketing activities which were mainly done in a more traditional way. Eci did not find the same passion in offline marketing the way she did with online, so she decided to do something about it, and this is where our Eci discovered RevoU.

Since her ultimate goal was a career change, it was RevoU’s Job Guarantee Policy that sealed the deal for her. She believes the entire program was the perfect system that will prepare her with all that she needs; the knowledge, skills and experience to eventually help her land a job in the industry of her dreams. Having all the lectures and projects online and outside of working hours means she can attend RevoU from her home Surabaya while preparing for her job transfer. Eci signed up through revou.co and started her journey in Batch 3 in June 2020.

Life at RevoU

The materials and projects are high quality, it is time-consuming but worth it.

Three months of study seemed like a long time at first but the 90 days went by fast as each week was a new topic to be covered and understood. Eci learned a wide spectrum of digital marketing ranging from analytics, paid advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content and social media marketing, even Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It was also very helpful to have instructors that are professionals working for top tech companies around S.E.A. It made things much more practical and realistic for Eci to delve in their experiences. Moreover, she was able to get a peek of what it’s really like to work in the industry of her dreams. She got motivated even more, and extremely excited to keep going to reach her goals.

Markicu Landing Page, from Eci's Group Work

Perhaps the most important part of her study was that she was expected to put theories into practice immediately through personal weekly assignments as well as big group projects. The latter was another highlight of her journey.

Eci and five of her team members had the opportunity to test out the market for their online laundry business namely Markicu. They did this by launching campaigns via several online marketing channels with real budgets to acquire real customers. Eci had years of running Facebook Ads with no actual guidance so this was extremely exciting for her as she was able to finally understand the concept entirely, and therefore able to successfully launch a more detailed strategized campaign through Facebook Ads Manager. It’s not easy, it required budgeting, targeting, and optimization, everything that they learned initially only in theory. Their hard work paid off; they won 2nd place for Facebook Ads Group Project Category and 1st place for the Google Ads mini-competition during Group Project Week.

An apprenticeship at RevoU Labs

Eci’s RevoU journey was midway through. She was then placed at XYZ Labs as part of her apprenticeship program with Labs. She was given two main responsibilities, to work on Facebook Ads Creative and managing the client’s landing page. This experience was highly valuable to her for not only did she have such an amazing opportunity to experiment directly within the S.E.A market but she was able to discover many business insights during her apprenticeship with them. Another important key for her was that she’s able to include her experience at XYZ as part of her portfolio; she believes this will work towards her advantage when she embarks on her job searching journey.

Eci's Facebook Ads Creative for XYZ Labs

And finally, RevoU Next

RevoU Next was beyond expectation. The career coaches were very helpful because they have experienced being in the position of a user, so they can share with us the overview of the appropriate answers. They also guide us in composing CV and portfolio according to the standard they are looking for while hiring a candidate.

Parallel to her time at Labs, Eci started to search and apply for her new job, the one she has been diligently working for since she started her journey with RevoU in June. She didn’t have to do this alone, as it is part of RevoU Next for each job-seeking student to be mentored by a career coach. She was helped by Radhitia Pradana, a social media lead working for Tokopedia, one of the biggest top tech company in Indonesia. Radhit helped prep Eci for all of the behavioural and technical interviews that she was managing to get. Moreover, she received feedback and guidance when working on her CV, LinkedIn profile, and explanatory portfolio to ensure that the right content exceeded the hiring manager’s expectations. As a result, many companies reached out to her LinkedIn profile, even to this day.

Finally, Fiva Ersy - the Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Analyst at Y Ventures

In the end, all of Eci’s experiences have prepared her to fit exactly into the role that she is in now; a Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Analyst at Y Ventures. Y Ventures is an e-commerce enabler based in Singapore centred around sales via Amazon and promotions via Facebook Ads. Not only a player in the regional market, but they also provided services for Asian companies that are going international. Eci’s next responsibility is tackling the American market. A job that she believes will not have been possible without her dedicating her time and effort firstly to RevoU.

Grateful for her dream job in tech that she landed even during the pandemic, Eci is pursuing her passion from the comfort of her own home by working remotely from her beloved hometown, Surabaya.

I truly recommend for career changers to join RevoU, because you may open up more chances to get the job that is suitable for you, no matter where you are.

She proved that a career changer with very little experience can be successful with the right education platform, the right instructors who share and believes in her to succeed, and most importantly, with one’s motivation and the determination to succeed despite the challenges that one initially faced.

Ivy Vilory

Ivy is Senior Content Marketing at RevoU. Graduated from Tourism study. She is a writer, video producer, and podcast host for both RevoU and on her own platforms. All the links: lynk.id/viloryivy ✨