A Product Manager with Digital Marketing Skills

Aloysius is a product manager at TADA, a customer retention platform startup with multiple Southeast Asia offices. He completed the 3-month RevoU Digital Marketing program

Ivy Vilory
Ivy Vilory

Aloysius is a product manager at TADA, a customer retention platform startup with multiple Southeast Asia offices. He completed the 3-month RevoU Digital Marketing program as one of the highest achieving students while also working full-time.

A graduate of Universitas Indonesia majoring in metallurgy and materials engineering, marketing was not a part of his formal education. Aloy is a perfect example of how anyone can learn digital marketing regardless of their background. Before returning to TADA, he worked as a product manager in an advertising company. The role required him to understand basic data analysis for marketing, which led him to start looking for digital marketing courses.

Aloysius with His Study Group from Batch 3

Choosing the best digital marketing program

Aloy had previously bought access to many video courses online, which he has not completed to this day. What makes RevoU interesting according to Aloy is the live interactive classes online where you study from leading industry practitioners working in top tech startups in the region and learn with other ambitious students. Aloy believed that this difference is what will accelerate his learning. The full-stack digital marketing curriculum includes lessons about marketing analytics, paid advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content, and social media marketing, and even Customer Relationship Management (CRM). He quickly signed up at revou.co and was pleasantly surprised by the admission process, which required him to complete multiple assessment tests and interviews. For him, joining RevoU felt more like entering a top university than just an online course as the program has a student acceptance rate below 5%.

Life at RevoU

"Never in a million years, I thought an online course could be like this."

He began the journey as part of batch 3 in June 2020. Working full time has never been an excuse for him not to participate actively in class. He was determined to optimize the learning experience. Aloy is one of the most diligent students who completed every weekly assignment, including the optional ones, as a benchmark to confirm his understanding of the topics. He was always looking forward to it. The assignments gave him the chance to simulate real digital marketing work. While the schedule seems extreme, balancing work, study, and assignments helped Aloy improve his time management skills.

Aloysius Presenting Advance Assignment about CRM
"I realized I have minimal hours in a day. Therefore I learned to maximize my time. Lunchtime is where I look for inspiration for the assignment. One hour before class is where I structure my presentations. After class, I work on the assignment right away while everything is still fresh in my mind. The key is to maintain your health and stamina."

Besides the individual assignments, the highlight of Aloy's journey is his experience working on group projects. Aloy was tasked as the project manager for the Kanebet team. They published actual ads on Facebook and Google for their online catering project. They used real budgets to acquire real customers. Mapping out a new business with 4 co-founders was not something he expected from an online marketing course. In the beginning, he found that working with and managing a marketing team is challenging. The process taught and trained him to be a leader, optimize each member's strengths, have a sense of empathy, delegate tasks, and trust his teammates. The feedback he received from his peers also helped him self-evaluate and improve himself as an individual.

Aloysius Group Project - Kanebet

Live after RevoU

Aloy began the journey looking to upgrade his skills. He completed the program with a new approach to learning, working, and collaborating.

As a product manager, learning content marketing with Andrew Prasatya and SEO with Ilman Akbar helped him tremendously in his current job. Working in a customer retention platform, technical skills such as setting up conversion tracking for Facebook pixels have also helped him add value to his clients.

Despite the pandemic, Aloy has managed to expand his professional network through the RevoU community. He is now connected with leading digital marketing practitioners in South East Asia and peers with fast-growing careers in the digital industry. This is very important to him, as Aloy believes networking is key to his success now and in the future.

"There is a silver lining in every situation, despite the challenges we face in 2020. It has become the perfect time to upgrade your skills."

Ivy Vilory

Ivy is Senior Content Marketing at RevoU. Graduated from Tourism study. She is a writer, video producer, and podcast host for both RevoU and on her own platforms. All the links: lynk.id/viloryivy ✨