Yudystira Pradana — RevoU Instructor | Social Media Marketing Specialist an Ecommerce Company

Yudystira is a Social Media Marketing Specialist. He has been working with the company for almost three years since October 2018. Before that, Yudystira used to work at Ruangguru, also handling the company’s social media as a Social Media Specialist.

RevoU Staff
RevoU Staff

Yudystira’s Profile

Yudystira is a Social Media Marketing Specialist at an Ecommerce company. He has been working with the company for almost three years since October 2018. Before that, Yudystira used to work at Ruangguru, also handling the company’s social media as a Social Media Specialist.

Currently, his responsibility includes developing TikTok content briefs and screening through TikTok content trends. Working in TikTok has been a tremendous experience for him. Through his work with the team, they're currently currently leading the growth number in organic content on TikTok.

Yudystira believes in the importance of adding value, especially when generating relatable content in social media. For him, it’s crucial to master the art of combining research data with brand value and knowing about the audience. These two are keys to answer “how to impact the users through content.”

His experience working in social media has given him many valuable lessons that he would like to share as RevoU’s Advanced Social Media instructor.

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Questions & Answers

#1 Can you explain to us what your typical day looks like at your current company?

Most of my time would be developing TikTok contents brief and screening through TikTok content trends. I usually have a meeting between those activities. Plotting TikTok ads and also discussing a trend with my team and our agency to give us a fresh insight everyday.

It’s really fun, scrolling around TikTok FYP is also our main activity!

#2 Biggest myths and misconceptions about working in Social Media?

Easy job, you just post and scroll social media all day long!

For us, the young generation working in new company fields, has this struggle--explaining how social media strategies works and how tiring to squeeze out insight through digital trends in advance to generate effective and relatable contents.

Well, it doesn’t need people to understand. What matters is, your content giving a powerful impact to your audience.

#3 Your proudest professional achievement at your current company?

In my first year in here, as junior staff I could collaborate with Facebook Singapore developing the first ever Instagram Live format with split screen and interactive capability. Also developing AR effects as a beta tester and able to develop the brand's first ever Instagram Filter when everybody is still figuring it out.

Now, starting from the end of 2020, working in TikTok is such a tremendous experience. My team and I are able to catch up significantly with our peers and are now leading the growth number in organic contents.

#4 What drives you to work in your current industry?

I always love to work with impact. No matter how small we are, if we work in such a great company with greater vision, your effort and work are the seeds to achieving that vision in the future. Imagine, everything you do, is about democratizing commerce equally to build a Super Ecosystem where anyone can start and discover anything.

#5 Things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career?

I wish I could have a mentor throughout my career. So, every stepping stone I step on will be a solid rock to Mars!

My GURU is Gary Vaynerchuk. Since I was graduating, his insight about social media has given me a lot.

Well, following social insiders and just following creators in social media with a positive impact will give me a fresh perspective every day.

#7 Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Social Media Marketing (aside from applying to RevoU :)?

Start creating your own contents and build your impact! I still learn to give impact with my social media, but if you start early who knows how far it will get you. It doesn’t matter how many likes you get, how many comments your followers respond to your content, your content always impacting.

Also, your social media is your empty cup to learn and learn along the way.

#8 The fundamental skills a Social Media professional is expected to have?

Adding value! The art of combining your research data with brand value to generate relatable content in social media.

The more you know your audience, the more you know how to impact them through the content you developed.

#9 What distinguishes a good social media marketer from a great one?

The one who successfully manages their brand so it can be identified by his audience with human personalities. Social Media is a platform to fulfill the needs of human beings to be socialized. Good social media marketers know only how to deliver the brand message to their audience, but the great ones know how to communicate with them!

#10 Best examples of TikTok brand activities (besides your current company) in Indonesia?

Go follow: Zenius Education, Alodokter, Ngomongin Uang, Netflix, Shopee.

And for creators: Bukanwulanwu, Siscakohl, Gerald Vincent, Khaliltoktok, Cvltera

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