Yandra Krisna — RevoU Instructor | Social Media Marketing Specialist at an Ecommerce Company

Yandra has been working as a Social Media Marketing Specialist for more than two years. He's also the founder of abracadaBRO Youtube channel with 500k subscriber

RevoU Staff
RevoU Staff

Yandra’s Profile

Yandra is a social media and start-up enthusiast who has been working as a Social Media Marketing Specialist for more than two years. His responsibilities include crafting a strategy based on research and executing social media marketing campaigns to promote products and retain users through social media.

Yandra also has five years of experience in technopreneurship as the founder of the abracadaBRO YouTube channel with 500K subscribers. He worked with the Indonesian President Joko Widodo as a Social Media Specialist, giving advice about good social media content creation. Yandra also worked with Google Indonesia and was invited to many YouTube workshops as Guest Star.

Yandra is also the founder of an edutech platform called abracadaBRO Academy. His company was covered by various national TV stations such as NET TV.

Yandra is excited to share his years of expertise in social media with you as the RevoU Advanced Social Media program instructor.

Questions & Answers

#1 Can you explain to us what your typical day looks like at your current company / abracadaBRO?

Know The Goals - Research - Define Strategies - Execute - Evaluate - Repeat

I start my day by checking our team progress to OKR and reading daily trends from our Social Media Analyst report.

Then I take time to look for various data and actionable insights to find if any new strategies or tactics that could help the team achieve the OKR faster.

After that I look at my to do list and editorial plan to know and do what is to be done on that day.

And then I usually evaluate the activity or campaign that has finished to determine the result, so we know what are successful that have to maintain and what is to be improved.

#2 Biggest myths and misconceptions about working in Social Media?

Kerjaan Social Media Specialist mah gampang, semua orang juga bisa, cuma bikin sama upload konten doang

Everyone may have the ability to create content, but most of them just make the content based on their intuition. In other words, they just create, but they do not observe first. On the other hand, the true social media marketer generates content from actionable insight through deep analysis to achieve their goals.

#3 Your proudest professional achievement at your current company/abracadaBRO?

  • abracadaBRO:

Has experienced working with many important people like Sandiaga Uno, Fahri Hamzah. Joko Widodo, and Google Indonesia Team to inspire others across the world.

  • The company:

Growing the company’s social media channels to help the company democratize commerce through technology.

#4 What drives you to work in your current industry?

Love & Passion

“If you don’t love something, you’re not going to go the extra mile, work the extra weekend, challenge the status quo as much.”

Steve Job

#5 Things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career?

Nothing. It’s never too late to learn.

#7 Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Social Media Marketing (aside from applying to RevoU)?

  • Build relevant portfolio
  • Love your job
  • Do it like professional
  • Do not underestimate anything you have not observed
  • Take a risk
  • Be consistent
  • Growth mindset
  • Have creative & design thinking
  • Confidence
  • Learn from failure/mistake
  • Pray

#8 The fundamental skills a Social Media professional is expected to have?

  • Communication Skills
  • Copywriting Skills
  • Design Thinking / Problem Solving

#9 What distinguishes a good social media marketer from a great one?

A good social media marketer works to finish. But the great one works until s/he built the masterpiece.

#10 Best examples of YouTube brand activities (besides your current company) in Indonesia?

Toyota X Filosofi Kopi

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