Syifa Nurul Faidah— RevoU Instructor | Digital Group Head at Mindshare

Syifa has more than 7 years of experience working in 2 international agencies. She is now the Digital Group Head at Mindshare Indonesia.

Ivy Vilory
Ivy Vilory

Syifa's Profile

Syifa has more than 8 years of experience working in 2 international agencies.

First is her current company, Mindshare-- a global, multi-award winning, media agency originally based in London. Syifa has worked there for 5 years across Indonesia and Malaysia market. And now is the Digital Group Head of the Indonesian office.

Prior to that, Syifa worked at iProspect Indonesia-- another international digital-first end to end media agency who globally has worked with brands like Levi's, Microsoft, Hilton, and many more. There, she specialises in performance client across search, social, vol and programmatic for almost 3 years.

With these years of experience, Syifa has abundance knowledge and strategies she can share with you. She will be one of the instructors at RevoU Digital Marketing Program, specialising in Google Ads.

Student Testimonials on Syifa

"Ka Syifa orangnya baik banget! dan ngajarnya santai gak terlalu kecepetan juga!"

"Thank you ka Syifa atas ilmunya selama 2 minggu ini. I learn a lot, gak cuman knowledge basics doang, tapi sampai technical tips juga. Thank you for being so royal and always trying to be friendly with everyone!"

"Thank you kak Syifa buat knowldge and insightsnya, kita jadi tau gimana ngejalanin Google Ads yang bener akhirnya."

Questions & Answers

#1 Can you explain to us what your typical day looks like at Mindshare?

Roughly around answering client brief, review campaign performance and meetings.

Life at agency is really exciting as it always full of surprise, especially during this uncertain time, everything evolve rapidly and unpredicted. Always need to be ready for everything!

#2 Biggest myths and misconceptions about Google Ads?

Google ads draws fruit immediately. Google is the most used platform by Indonesian. Hence, do a campaign in google ads will draw fruits immediately.

Well its not how it works. During the first week and even after months your result can change drastically as market and competition keep evolving. It will take sometime for system to learn. On going optimization will be needed and it will never end.

#3 Your proudest professional achievement at Mindshare?

Drive the most efficient cost per conversion for my account compare to other market. Brand awareness and product usage is also increased.

The most important is not the number, but appreciate the process we’ve been through to achieve the result together with the team

#4 What drives you to work in your current industry?

Being able to grow together and see your account/brand known by audience is something that always makes me happy and motivates me to keep going

#5 Things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career?

Not to overthinking on goals and outcomes of campaign that I run. There will be rainbow after the rain, tho sometimes it didn’t happen then that’s still okay.

Thinkwithgoogle, ppc hero, wordstream’s ppc, hubspot

#7 Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Google Advertising (aside from applying to RevoU :)?

Be passionate and hungry to keep learning. As google product itself will keep evolving and so the market!

#8 The fundamental skills a Google Ads Specialist is expected to have?

Strategic, analytical skill and be able to process a lot of input. As theres a lot of factor contribute in the success of campaign

#9 What distinguishes a good Google Advertiser from a great one?

The one that can find a way to work productively in efficient way

#10 Best examples of Google Ads campaigns (outside Mindshare) in Indonesia?


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