Data Analytics - Instructor Gallery


Data Analytics - Instructor Gallery

Whether you are considering to join RevoU, or you are already one of our Data Analytics students, it's good to know further about our instructors!

As you've heard, our instructors are industry practitioners working in top tech companies. Their hands-on experience working in data analytics has given them many valuable lessons that they would like to share to RevoU's students.

If you are curious about their background, you can read more below!

Doni Surya Putra— Head of Data at KitaBisa

Doni Surya Putra, or usually goes by Doni, is an experienced Data Analyst with six years of experience in the data field. Currently, Doni is working as the Head of Data at KitaBisa (a donation and fundraising site for initiatives, campaigns, and social programs) as the Head of Data.

He enjoys working with numbers and loves all Big Data related topics such as Python, SQL, and data warehouse. Click here to read more.

Luqman Syauqi Hidayat— Head of Data at Mamikos

Luqman Syauqi Hidayat, or usually goes by Luqman, is the Head of Data at Mamikos - a boarding house finder in Indonesia.

Luqman has 8+ years of experience in data analytics and has 5+ years of experience in people management. He partnered with business and product leaders to solve problems using data and analytics. His years of experience have built him to have strong business acumen and analytical thinking. Click here to read more.

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Amira Hayat

Amira Hayat

Demir enjoys analytics & creativity. Graduated from Business School, she believes that content is a powerful way to (not only) educate & engage people but also get traffic & leads!