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RevoU Staff Ivy Vilory
RevoU Staff / Ivy Vilory

Whether you are considering to join RevoU, or you are already one of our Advanced SEO students, it's good to know further about our instructors!

As you've heard, our instructors are industry practitioners working in top tech companies. Their hands-on experience working in digital marketing has given them many valuable lessons that they would like to share to RevoU's students.

If you are curious about their background, you can read more below!

Ilman Akbar— Growth at Vara (Ex-Traveloka)

Ilman has been deep diving in the performance/digital marketing world for more than 7 years.

The majority of his time working in the industry is spent contributing to the success of Traveloka, one of the six unicorn startups in Indonesia. Ilman was the Head of SEO (2014-2018) and then became the Product Manager (2018-2020).

Currently, Ilman just started his new venture building BukuGaji with Vara, a Singapore based company, where he is responsible not only for SEO but also the overall Growth Engine.

Ilman is the curriculum creator and one of the instructors of the for Advance SEO program. Click here to read more.

Andreas Budiman— SEO Manager at Glints

Andreas is currently the SEO Manager at Glints, Southeast Asia’s largest talent platform for career development and recruitment.

His career in the SEO field began in 2016, where started as an SEO Specialist at Andreas was the one who build the company's SEO team, reframe and rewrite all the code for which right now resulted in the website ranks on the top targeted keyword for online travel.

Andreas's expertise is on the technical side of SEO, but fear not because many of his student tell on how they love his way of explaining things in a simple manner. Click here to read more

Reza Putra— SEO Lead at Tokopedia

Reza has been in the SEO Industry since 2012!

He has worked at online media (Okezone & MNC Digital), agency (Green Park Content), and now tech company Tokopedia as SEO Lead.

One of the most useful tips he brought to class, that student still talk about to this day is "how to build a good relationship with your developer". And that's just one out of many he'll share during the class.

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