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Greg Meehan is the Chief Revenue Officer at Supahands, the leading end-to-end data labeling partner for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence quality training data sets. He started his journey with Supahands back in 2016.

As CRO, he is responsible for establishing revenue strategies and scale the company globally in line with its Vision, Mission, and Values. His main responsibilities also include driving strategic decision-making to determine the business direction and to ensure the business is adapting to current market demands for accelerated growth.

Started back in 2008, Greg realized his passion in the profession of selling. He has always loved the thrill of finding potential clients, understanding their challenges, giving them a great experience, and watching them grow. But what really drives him is to watch that satisfying moment of success, whether its his or of others'.

Greg is also passionate about continuous learning. He believes in hard work, pride, progress, and accountability. Greg will guide you in the Business Development/ Sales in Tech course throughout your learning process at RevoU.

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Questions & Answers

#1 Can you explain to us what your typical day looks like in your current role at Supahands?

As Chief Revenue Officer I take care of Sales, Marketing, Client Success and Business Operations so my days are never the same. With that, I keep my mornings and evenings quite structured for my personal life so there is some balance!

My work-day actually starts the night before with setting my goals and priorities for the next day. This allows me to jump straight into what I need to do on the day itself. (Top Tip!)

6.30am is my normal start time: A pint of water and a run or, yoga! This is a great way to get my day going and gives me time to listen to an audiobook or, podcast (some recommendations below)

My work-day will normally kick-off at around 8am with meetings, sometimes this could be earlier depending on our client's schedule.

From then on I will be flat out with department check-ins, strategic meetings, and client calls.

In the evening I’ll try to wrap up work about 7pm and hit the gym. With lots of our clients and contacts being based in the US, Canada, and Europe I’ll normally have some calls anywhere between 8pm and 1am, but that’s not all the time (thankfully!)  

#2 Biggest myths and misconceptions about Sales/ Business Development in the Tech industry?

I think the misconceptions can be broader than just sales in Tech

  1. Salespeople are born naturals - Not true. Sales professionals are students of sales, they learn and practice to be better every day.
  2. Sales is about talking people into buying - Sales is about asking thoughtful questions and uncovering people's challenges and motivations. It’s about helping people.
  3. Sales is all about commission - NO! Sales is all about people and helping people. Commissions and bonuses are a by-product of you doing a good job for others

#3 Your proudest professional achievement at Supahands?

I’m going to sneak in 2 here...

  1. For my team: Being able to play an active role in the growth of my team and watch them grow into future leaders.
  2. For me personally: I think the proudest moment was when the leadership team agreed to move me into the role of the CRO. That belief meant a lot to me.

#4 What are things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career?

Fear is your secret weapon to growth. You have to lean in to what scares you in order to accelerate your growth and learning.

It’s a scary thought, but surrounding yourself with other growth-minded, positive people really helps


Masters of Scale Podcast - Reid Hoffman: Scaling Tech businesses

Go To Market Grit - Joubin Mirzadegan: Scaling Sales Teams


Morning Brew: Latest news on tech businesses

The Hustle: 5 minutes daily snapshot of the tech landscape

The Big Y: Cool stuff in ai in less than 3 minutes

The Batch - Hear from Andrew Ng @

For sales/business there’s a bunch of people I follow on Linkedin who provide great insight:

Kyle Coleman

Collin Cadmus

John Barrows

Josh Braun

Gary Vaynerchuk


Jeffrey Gitomer - The Sales Bible : A great foundational book on sales

Mahan Khalsa - Lets Get real or let’s not play : Having open on versations with your clients

Art Sobczak - Smart Calling : taking the fear out of cold calling

Stuart Diamond - Getting More : A classic on Negotiation

Simon Sinek - Start with Why : Start to understand what drives you

Dr Carol Dweck - Mindset

#6 Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Sales/ Business

I only have 1 tip. Prepare to do the hard work, in sales there is no substitute for it.

How to prepare? You’ll learn in the courses!!

#7 What distinguishes the goods from the greats in your Sales/ Business Development in the Tech industry?

There are a handful of common traits that really separate those who excel and those who are average. Here I’ll address only 3 since without these I believe you will not succeed.

  1. Drive - “An innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need.”
  2. Grit - “Courage and resolve; strength of character”
  3. Curiosity - “Inquisitive interest in others”

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