Frastika Geovani — RevoU Instructor | Digital Marketing Lead at Ruangguru

Frastika has helped over 300 students to learn Facebook Ads. When not teaching, she leads the digital marketing team of Ruangguru.

Ivy Vilory
Ivy Vilory

Frastika's Profile

Frastika, or better known as Tika, has helped over 300 students to learn Facebook Ads on various platforms including her very own @thingsilearntoday.

When not teaching, she leads the digital marketing team of Ruangguru Group which also includes Brain Academy, Skill Academy, English Academy and RuangKerja. She leads her team in the planning, execution, and evaluation on different Social Ads platforms (such as Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Twitter Ads and Linkedin Ads).

Before that, Tika worked at Moka, a cloud-based Point-of-Sale and payment solutions for medium and small business, as Digital Marketing Lead.

With her broad experience and passion for teaching, Tika is eager to meet and share her knowledge with you. She will be one of the instructors at RevoU Digital Marketing Program, specializing in Facebook Ads.

Student Testimonials on Frastika

“Ka Tika help me so much to deeply understand FB Ads"

“She is PRETTY COOL (one day i could be like her; hopefully)”


Questions & Answers

#1 Can you explain to us what your typical day looks like at Ruangguru?

-- check campaign performance

-- check ROI, optimize based on that

-- sync with team

-- reporting and analysis

-- brainstorm for new creative

-- meetings

-- negotiation with partner

#2 Biggest myths and misconceptions about Facebook Ads?

You can get best result/cuan/balik modal in your first campaign

#3 Your proudest professional achievement at Ruangguru?

Lead creative lab project and produced many best creative during that time.

Maintain good ROI even though its in low season.

#4 What drives you to work in your current industry?

Unexpected event : being pregnant!

Before I was in activation marketing, I needed to go to other cities and meet people. My VP at that time had challenge me to join digital marketing team and it was the best thing happened in my life

#5 Things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career?

I want to learn it not by myself (self learning) but join a boot camp for full stack digital marketing like RevoU

Random, but for facebook ads : Facebook Blueprint and some guy in Linkedin named Bram Vanderhallen, markeko emails/fb group

#7 Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Facebook Advertising (aside from applying to RevoU :)?

Experiment in as many campaigns as you can! Try FB ads for your own business or help your friends business for free/small fee.

#8 The fundamental skills a FB Ads Specialist is expected to have?

Creativity : copywriting, how to create good ads (design, video storytelling, etc)

Strategic : brand positioning, persona, audience targeting

Technical : campaign creation a-z, troubleshooting, events, facebook pixel

Analytical : campaign measurement, analysis, data driven decision

#9 What distinguishes a good Facebook Advertiser from a great one?

They can optimize and scale the campaign and also get the best result & return.

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