Dea Vivin Devita— RevoU Instructor | Senior Content Marketing Executive at iPrice

Dea is currently the Senior Content Marketing Executive at iPrice Group, a Malaysian-based E-commerce aggregator platform. The company has expanded the territory and operates in 7 different countries, and Dea is responsible for handling the Indonesian market.

Ivy Vilory
Ivy Vilory

Dea's Profile

Dea is currently the Senior Content Marketing Executive at iPrice Group, a Malaysian based E-commerce aggregator platform. The company has expanded the territory and operates in 7 different countries, and Dea is responsible for handling the Indonesian market.

Her work includes:

  1. Covering report from iPrice, newsjacking article and data-driven insight
  2. Maintaining backlink that directs to pages
  3. Managing Off-site SEO and Link Building for iPrice Indonesia
  4. Representative as Digital PR person for iPrice Indonesia

Not many know, but Dea actually has an interesting educational background-- she held the title Master of Science in Public Health. But despite not having a relevant background, Dea has proven that hard work and the willingness to learn will bring you success in this industry.

Dea will be one of the instructors of RevoU Digital Marketing Program , specializing in Content Marketing.

Student Testimonials on Dea

"Thankyou so much for a super fun week kak Dea! Ssuasana tiap belajarnya enak banget karena pas antara serius dan santainya, it gave me a lot of insight about what content marketer do on a daily basis and also gave me the motivation to keep going in this career change journey"

"Seneng dan semangat banget setiap ikut kelas Kak Dea. Penjelasan dari Kak Dea mudah dimengerti dan dibawakan dengan menarik. Thank you banget Kak Dea buat seminggu ini! Enjoy banget belajar bareng kakak."

"Instructor kali ini (Kak Dea) super semangat dan bagus dan jelas dalam menjelaskan materi, sehingga aku sebagai student juga ikut semangat dan mengerti materi dengan baik (sampe semangat juga ngerjain advance lho). Aku suka cara Kak Dea menjelaskan materi dengan to-the-point, singkat, padat, namun jelas semua dan tercakup semua materinya, sehingga aku sebagai student juga mengerti materi yang disampaikan dan mengerti the whole concept of Content Marketing. Good job Kak Dea!"

Questions & Answers

#1 Can you explain to us what your typical day looks like at iPrice?

I would say 60% of my time will be focusing on doing content marketing stuff from content ideation, creation, distribution, and evaluation.

25% more will be for meetings and since I am interested to learn about managerial, I usually also hands-on some team development plans such as peer coaching, leading team meetings, and initiate some activities to increase our team bonding.

15% more to help other team members, additional meetings, or just self-development reading time.

In iPrice it’s encouraged that we only fill 80-85% capacity every week so that we still have the capacity on doing hotfix or additional task in the middle of the week.

#2 Biggest myths and misconceptions about Content Marketing?

  1. The more difficult the content = the cooler it would be
  2. Unclear target audience
  3. Wanting a short-term result

#3 Your proudest professional achievement at iPrice?

I am so fortunate that I started my career journey as a digital marketer in iPrice. This company not just allows me to grow my knowledge but also my personal branding.

Nurtured by very supportive team not just makes me a better employee but also a person as a whole. I am more open to feedback and also learning a lot about giving better feedback.

From iPrice I truly believe hiring a perfect fit candidate is the most important to make your team productive and fill each other's needs.

#4 What drives you to work in your current industry?


I grew up in a civil servant family or we call it PNS in Bahasa. You know they are a great job but when I was younger I was being thought of for being one. That would be the ultimate goal in life, I didn't get much exposure to another type of industry.

So, I would say being in this industry helps me to grow much more. If you are a person who loves to squeeze your creativity, working in a fast-paced environment, always striving to learn something new. This is one of the industries that will fit your hunger.

#5 Things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career?

Switching careers is normal and working in different industries from your major is also okay. I thought in the past if we had a major as an engineer we need to work in the engineering field or any oil and gas company.

I have a master degree in public health but here I am doing my job as a content marketer!

I always mention to my students i always read blog from Moz, Ahreefs and Backlinko for any technical skills/strategy needed to be content marketer or link builders.

To find inspiration for content Fractl, Visual Capitalist, The Pudding.

Some of my favorite inspiring book for your personal development

What I Know For Sure-Oprah

Atomic Habit- James Clear

Grit- Angela Duckworth

#7 Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Content Marketing (aside from applying to RevoU :)?

You should be ready for lots of rejection, take care of your LinkedIn, create a trusted profile, start networking with people who work in a similar industry, and just do it! Jump into content creation and creating your own.

For beginners, you can always follow the content you adore and do ATM methods (Amati, Tiru, Modifikasi).

#8 The fundamental skills a Content Marketing Specialist is expected to have?

Hmm interesting… I think for me you need to have a good intuition on spotting the trends and seeing the opportunities.

Because being a content marketer you will not only create content but you need to distribute it.

Most of the metrics in content marketing require people to read/publish or engage in our content. If you don't meet those metrics means that you still need to learn to make more content marketing pieces.

#9 What distinguishes a good Content Marketer from a great one?

I think a great content marketer will always remember that this is a long-term process and it’s not just about you creating  good content but also how are you gonna build a good relationship with the stakeholders for your content.

There is no denying that content marketing requires PR process.

#10 Best examples of Content Marketing campaigns (outside iPrice) in Indonesia?

Lifepal, Sociolla, RevoU, Sirclo. Read their research and blogs you will understand why I said they are great :).

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