Christina Dhea— RevoU Instructor | Business Development Manager at SIRCLO

Christina Dhea, or usually goes by Dhea, has been a matchmaker between SME's e-commerce business and SaaS solutions for five years. Currently, she is the Business Development Manager at SIRCLO— an e-commerce solution enabler in Indonesia to help small, mid-sized, and enterprise brands sell online.

Amira Hayat
Amira Hayat

Dhea’s Profile

Christina Dhea, or usually goes by Dhea, has been a matchmaker between SME's e-commerce business and SaaS solutions for five years. Currently, she is the Business Development Manager at SIRCLO— an e-commerce solution enabler in Indonesia to help small, mid-sized, and enterprise brands sell online.

She has been with SIRCLO since April 2018 and has gone through two promotions. At SIRCLO, she is now leading a Business Development team of 30 people, optimizing their time and workflows so businesses can grow and reps can advance their careers. Her team has consistently reached their quotas within the last year, increased the outbound deals by 50%, and maintained 12% month-on-month growth.

Dhea is very well-versed in negotiations, planning and development, and team coaching. She enjoys meeting new people and hearing new perspectives! She also believes the new generation of tech sales professionals are intellectually curious, driven by passion and a desire to solve meaningful problems.

She will be one of the instructors in the RevoU Business Development program!

Questions & Answers

#1 Can you explain to us what your typical day looks like in your current role at SIRCLO?

Sunday is my first day of the week, but on Sunday I work on myself; reading new books/articles, exercising outdoors, sipping a good coffee and eating a healthy meal.

Then in the evening I build a list of objectives for the following week along with the actionables/frameworks I need to deploy to my team. To be one step ahead helps me focus on completing the bigger picture, and help the team to understand what we’re aiming for this week.

On Monday I have the weekly alignment with other department managers and C-levels. Then have a weekly inspiring session with BD team leaders to share any learnings we get during the weekend to start our week feeling empowered, positive towards growth and developing the right mindset. Managing ourselves both physically and mentally before we manage others really goes a long way.

On a daily basis, besides analyzing pipeline, calculating target versus time gone, and attending meetings, I have a 15-minute stand-up in the morning and at the end of the day with the team to help them prioritize, tackle issues and win the deals.

In my day, the meetings are typical but the day is far from typical, it’s always about a different company, different people, new opportunities, new challenges.

#2 Biggest myths and misconceptions about Sales/ Business Development in the Tech industry?

  • Close the deal at any cost and do whatever it takes to get the sale

You need to consider whether it makes good business to accept the deals. Building trust and loyalty between customer, salesperson and the company requires integrity and I do not take that lightly.

You will not get their trust and long term loyalty if you are manipulative, aggressive, and high-pressure. Also, your customers probably will not recommend your product/services to others.

  • You need a perfect product with complete features to close the deal

There’s a wide spectrum of market, capabilities and functionality among software providers, that’s why “perfect” and “complete” products just don't exist. Listen to your customers, if you don’t have what they want, acknowledge it as a good feedback, but it should not be a deal breaker. The key to closing the deal? Find the most painful process in their business and match with the solution(s) you already have.

  • Sales and business development is an uncool, boring, dead-end role

I mean, during my career as Business Development I learned A LOT and my career is growing. I learned about business, people, CRM, technology, and the whole e-commerce ecosystem.

Cold-calling, prospecting and building pipelines are now advanced with the help of cool technologies where you can analyze and prioritize your list.

Analytical skills and well-supported arguments provided by client-facing roles such as Business Development can help the company to look for opportunities and loopholes, before the map has even been drawn.

#3 Your proudest professional achievement at SIRCLO?

Able to consistently drive growth in a way that enables all members to achieve while developing their professional skills is one thing that I am proud of as for now, but it all started when I was a junior in this Business Development role and failed to achieve my quota.

Instead of sulking and thinking that maybe I was not born to be a salesperson, I did an analysis of my own performance, market research analysis to identify new partnerships, categorize customers by source of deals and build frameworks that we used until today to evaluate our team performance.

#4 What are things you wish you could have learned earlier in your career?

Joining RevoU course, perhaps? :D But seriously I wish I knew more about business processes, leads management, and cool tools to help me thrive in the role and I wish I had joined the kind of in-class and real case courses like the one RevoU has.

On business and sales:

On team and managing yourself:

  • No Hard Feelings by Liz and Mollie helps you to gain self-awareness at work. The book guides you through learning to incorporate your emotions into your work, and being mindful of timing, context, and delivery in your careers.
  • Failosophy by Elizabeth Day has a “Catalogue of Failure” section to remind you that failure is inevitable and all that matters is how you bounce back!
  • Radical Candor by Kim Scott - How to create and adapt competitive yet compassionate culture, extremely favorable for building cohesive sales team

#6 Your tips for someone who is interested in starting his career in Sales/ Business

  • Knowing your product is a must, but to understand the purpose of each feature exactly, what problem it is designed to address, will benefit you in many circumstances.
  • Best salespeople listen more than they speak. This way you can learn a lot about not only your prospect, but also your own product and how to better sell it. Define the “what’s in it for me” from your customer's perspective. What I do everyday allows me to not only to help people but also learn from them.
  • Leverage the right technology. More often than not, prospects fall through the cracks because we rely only on our memory on who’s to follow up next, or that we spend hours just to find the answer of some feature capabilities. Optimize sales enablement by using the right resources to keep your day organized, productive and all relevant information accessible at a moment’s notice. Life savior!
  • There’s no “one size fits all” approach and no pitch is a perfect pitch. Be genuine and stay true to yourself. In a sales role, a lot of us are trying to act like someone we're not, and other people see right through it. I found a style all my own that used the strengths: empathy, listening, and problem-solving.

#7 What distinguishes the goods from the greats in your Sales/ Business Development in the Tech industry?

A great salesperson will spend more time building their skills in listening, empathy and human connection. Customers are people, and people want to feel heard and respected.

With so many variables at play, selling authentically will lead a salesperson to listen more, build better relationships (and keep the referrals coming, yay!), and focus on the customer's needs.

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